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Excellent job again, this does look like a vintage photo. One tip, crop down the top just a bit and frame the piece so the image we see...

Hugh Laurie! Boy he needs a shave!!! This being said, it is amazing how much detail there is in this piece, that you can tell he needs ...

La how poorly he aged!!!! Looks much like the Clint we see in Gran Torino as opposed to say...High Plains Drifter or Pale Rider. Intere...

by Naimane

Ok, so here is my critique. Colors are striking. I have no idea who Jack is, but after I write this I will check it out. I love the mut...

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Assassin's Creed Quote from Ezio Auditore da Firen by xxHarmoniousChaosxx Assassin's Creed Quote from Ezio Auditore da Firen :iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 71 4
I Wish You Were Dead
And you're the memory I can't shake, the one ghost that I can't seem to out distance. The hurt from your absence I can't fake, a hollow space in my soul for remembrance. Sometimes I guess I wish you were dead, because then I could logically say why you're gone. But your memory weighs on me like lead, and I wish I could say I was done. That one memory you left to haunt, sad to say it's the only one in my possession. It's there like a taunt, and it's a sweet memory that leaves me with an odd obsession. Something so pretty, shiny and golden, a lie to an innocent child. A clawing memory of days so olden, a memory that sparks longing so wild.
And yes, I wish you were dead, so I could logically say why you're not here. I wish I could get that memory out of my head, but it's going to stay I fear.
Yes, I wish you were dead, dear old Dad.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 0 8
Prison Diaries
I sit in quiet agony, the sound of suffering stirs me from my reverie. Torturous blasphemy. The screams now come rather pitifully.
And what is this for? Some sort of obsession or lore?
I stand at the door, waiting for a footstep on the floor. I want at the brink, feeling my eyes close in a painful blink. Physical sting is all I drink.
And what is this for? Some sort of obsession or lore?
Hold me captive in this cell, but in these four walls I will not dwell. Hold me until my rebellion begins to quell. But you will die in this hell as well.
And what is this for? Some sort of obsession or lore?
So lock me in this damn prison…but you will never take my vision…you can never steal my ambition…you will never break my determination.
And what is this for? Some sort of obsession or lore?
Lock me in this jail, but we both know you will fail.
Burn you wicked tormentor...
I will be the victor.
So open that door...
Open that door...
You will get all you deserve and more.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 0 0
On A Midnight Drive
The tempests toss...but with a single word they can be still...and in the peace finding solitude and comfort...release... Let us together strive to be perfect beings. Even if that means we become something more than human. Transcending humanity perhaps could be a forget pain and have something more...something of a little more merit. Something greater than fate, or the cards life dealt to devastate...
Dive with me away from the confusion, maybe reality is an illusion. Come away with me into the silence of night…away from the painful blight. Come away with me tonight…on a midnight drive.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 2 3
The Monster Sentence
Ever have one of those extremely long sentences that became an absolute monster? Let's face it, monster sentences eat paper, they look and sound unprofessional, and sometimes when reading one, it's hard to catch some oxygen.
While some of us love writing long sentences, sometimes wordiness can carry us into dangerous waters. In these dangerous waters, the monster sentence is lurking, just waiting to take a bite out of our writing. Don't let the monster sentence kill your writing style!
Here's an example: The dog ran quickly down the hill to chase the cat the cat then became distracted by a bird the bird was too distracted by a worm to notice the cat stalking it even though the cat was being chased by the dog.
Whew! That was a beast, right? Let's pick that sentence apart and see what can be tamed.
Revision: The dog ran quickly down the hill to chase the cat. The cat then became distracted by a bird. The bird was too distracted by a worm to notice the cat stalking it, even though the cat
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 1 0
Phantom of the Opera Critique
The Phantom of the Opera: Cliché Yet Charming
 Though I was not familiar with Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, I was immediately fascinated when this film (directed by Joel Schumacher) came to my attention. This film which was decisively panned by the majority of professional movie critics, I truly believe is brilliant. In this review, I will reveal why this movie is simply and purely cliché yet charming. The criteria used in my analysis include: content, set, lighting, musical score, acting, and originality.
 The movie begins in a dull, black and white, grainy, 1919 Paris, France, at an auction in the old, run-down, Opera Populaire. Even though the opera house is covered in cobwebs and dust, one can easily discern that in its day it was glorious.
 The real magic begins with "Lot 666," a chandelier. As the chandelier is lifted from the floor in a display of its fully restored glory, the first chord of the theme song of The Phantom of the Opera begins. A bone-chilling,
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 1 0
A Fresh Start
Over the course of our lives we receive scars,
We amass our hurt and anger in various sized jars.
We act like we're not good enough,
Our emotions hidden behind a wall that is rough.
So we live our lives in dreariness,
Watching the naïve with much weariness.
We scoff at their paltry temporary happiness.
We wear our misery like an honor medal,
Like we've been put through fire to test our mettle.
But maybe we're more vulnerable than we think;
Because once we love we begin to sink.
Fear pushes us to the brink.
But we look at the innocence in disgust,
We proudly swear, "In thee I will not trust."
When in reality, purity is all we lust.
But push on we will and must,
Like a dismal machine full of rust.
But maybe a vulnerability,
Is not some disability.
Because inside of you I can see,
The man you really want to be.
And maybe you can't be him just yet,
Your heart is tender and full of regret.
Your time will come so do not fret.
Because the purest heart,
Cannot tell fancy and love apart.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 1 8
Nation of Shame
And we shall rise up a new people. Not chained in place by previous inequity or bigotry. We shall oust the individuals who have, for so long, restrained us from our freedom.
But what else are we but a nation in chains begging for scraps from our master's table? What else are we but the foot stool of the abusive and corrupt?
We ought to be more than the slaves of those who were originally indentured to us. Destitute and impoverished we are, our very liberty raped by their power hungry greedy natures. Who are we but tired, poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse, the homeless tempest-tost?
We are what we swore to protect and nurture. We are the burdened and afflicted. We are the nation of the forcibly mute. Tortured with visions of freedom and grandeur.  
We have nothing…not even our name. We are the nation of shame.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 7 9
My Darkest Sin, My Evil Desire
Slowly the darkness creeps, into the world it seeps. Like a bead of rain water, indeed it does not falter. In the shadows it lurks, waiting to do its evil works. The monster within, slowly it inches in. Like a long forgotten nightmare, its horrors truly too great to bear. The demon of the soul, bound to eat its victim whole. Something truly beautiful in the beast, one cannot resist it in the least. Gasp for air, you enter its insidious lair. Evil, you are my bane; smite it all as you will ordain. Baptize me in the blood; clean me in the crimson flood. Lay me down, let me drown. For in the darkness I cannot hide scenes so gory I nearly cried. I lied…you are the thing clawing out from the inside. You are my evil within, my darkest sin. My evil desire.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 3 2
Demona DuCharme by xxHarmoniousChaosxx Demona DuCharme :iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 0 11
When I was younger a year made no difference, a year really had no influence. I remember when a day was just a day; it didn't really matter anyway. Time floated by me, and it really didn't mean anything.
Now, I'm ushered into this new place, where all is puzzling even my face. A year is a century, filled with uncountable days all blurry. Time rushes by me, and it really does mean everything.
And it really is shocking that as I look back, was it the blink of an eye because it all looks dim and black.
Perhaps this isn't what it seems, maybe these horrific ideas are nothing but dreams.
When did it change? When did everything become so obscenely strange?
Moving from childhood and the familiar, into this new world that's so peculiar.
And as I wake up and remember it all now, it makes me sad and I wonder how...
When did I grow up?
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 7 7
Maybe you and I did have something, it's not like it meant absolutely nothing. Maybe it wasn't healthy but it was lifesaving. Maybe it was everything, maybe it was the only thing. Maybe you were all I was craving. Maybe I was only for devotion starving; our relationship was slowly fading, before even the very beginning. Maybe it was you I couldn't bare facing. Maybe your brown eyes always set my heart racing. Maybe I didn't know if you were only manipulating? Maybe somehow you were actually lying? Maybe my trust was slowly dying. Maybe in light of my paranoia we were failing. Maybe it was just our friendship poisoning. Maybe I couldn't bear staying. Maybe I couldn't express every single feeling. Maybe I couldn't stand the idea of disappointing. Maybe I couldn't force my heart to be ready for opening. Maybe this toxin was not really enthralling. Maybe this desire was slowly killing. Maybe our love was only poisoning. Maybe through this venom I was frozen, left with one thing:
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 10 3
Get Out
I'm not going to get on my knees and beg you to stay. You can go your own way. You do as you require. In any case it's your choosing, you follow your desire. When you said those words, did you see what you wanted to see?  
A twinge of agony?
A spark in my eyes indicating that I feel guilty?
A wavering in my resolution?
Undying devotion?
A break in the wall?
Or did you see it all?
Some hint of what you're seeking?
You have my attention.
You have my compassion.
And you have it for the meantime.
But I swear to God you'll never again see those things.
Time to face it…this love has been lost to you marginal attempt at manipulation.
Get out of my brain…get out of my heart.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 3 0
Mature content
Made With Love :iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 3 0
As I lay dying, my life before my eyes flashing.
I smile at my great feats; I chuckle at my moments of defeat.
But one thing remains: everything was out and evenly laid.
A defendant accused of an act sorely detested.
Expected to defend my actions.
I wish I could do it all differently.
I wish I could plea for mercy,
Or some sort of clemency.
Damn it...I cannot plea innocence.
I cannot plea ignorance.
Damn it, I cannot undo what has been done.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 0 10
Mature content
A Lesson in Romance :iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 5 5
Not all of this is good. Sorry.





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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 4, 2013, 11:28 PM
So, after months of deliberating, I decided to come back.


Because my in real life best friend is here too. I figure, what the hell, why not?

So, any questions, comments, emotional outbursts?


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